A couple of days ago, I sent an email to an author that really gave me the push to get back into school.  Her name is Elyn Saks, and she’s a college professor in California.

She has schizophrenia.

I read her book- The Center Cannot Hold- last year.  It was inspiring, to me, to hear a story of someone with an illness like mine who is successful.  A lot of the book really hit home with me.

Wednesday, I sent her an email to thank her for writing it, and for giving me hope that I can be successful despite my illness.  That I don’t need to sit on disability for the rest of my life.  I wasn’t expecting a reply, but…

Today she emailed me back.

Gosh, what a wonderful story. I’m so glad my book was meaningful to you and that you are back in school and doing well! And that you are not letting the illness define you. If my book played the smallest part in that I am enormously happy.

Please do keep in touch!

Best, Elyn

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